Apps for small businesses really stink. We know, because we've tried many of them. They're too cumbersome. Too generic. Too difficult to use and set up. And they're too expensive. This is why we created Bizelo.

Bizelo provides small businesses with a large and growing collection of online web applications that address the gaps in the market, most priced below $30 a month. Bizelo apps work simply and simply work.

They're stripped down to provide just the most important features you need, eliminating the need to use spreadsheets or ill-fitting consumer or enterprise tools. Our apps are simple to use, don't require an IT staff, and are priced affordably. Give us a try!

Meet The Team

Ronald Schmelzer Founder and COE (Chief of Everything)

Ron is the founder, visionary, and instigator behind Bizelo. Besides being passionate about solving small business problems, Ron is a parallel entrepreneur, having started and sold a number of successful Internet and technology businesses. Ron founded and ran ZapThink, an industry analyst firm focused on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Computing, Web Services, XML, and Enterprise Architecture, and which was later acquired by Dovel Technologies in July 2011. He also founded and was CTO of ChannelWave, a successful enterprise software company which raised over $60M in VC funding and was subsequently acquired by Click Commerce in 2005.

Kate Alegado Marketing Coordinator

Kate Alegado is not your average Marketing Coordinator at Bizelo. With her military background, Kate utilizes marketing tactics that will grab your attention and leave you amazed. Ensuring that Bizelo's vision reaches out to thousands of small business professionals, she builds lasting relationships with influential partners and customers through the best means of communication. Prior to Bizelo, Kate has touched waters in many industries. At the start of her marketing journey she began with supplying weekly brochures as Club Beyond's Marketing Intern while living in Germany for five years. Her next journey as a Marketing Intern consisted of coordinating events and workshops under a $15 Million grant at Western Washington Clean Cities in Seattle, Washington. She then became the head Marketing Manager at HindSite Interactive, LLC and Easy WebContent, LLC right out of Frederick, Maryland. Kate is a well-rounded and well-traveled marketer that will surely grab your attention with one of her clever tactics.

Evan Schwartz Community Manager

Evan Schwartz is Bizelo's Community Manager. He is focused on growing, expanding, and identifying needs of the audience for Bizelo's existing Applications. He is responsible for improving visibility in front of prospects and their influencers, offerings to each specific targeted market, as well as determine where potential customers are. Prior to Bizelo, Evan has had a rich small business background, being founder and CEO of DentalJevan LLC, the innovators of the Jevan System, a unique tool for orthodontists to place lingual fixed retainers more effectively. He also was one of the key sales and account managers at Global Messenger Corporation, where he learned how to peddle ink and toner supplies.

Milo Chief Meow-keting Officer

Milo is Bizelo's Chief Meowketing Officer. A cat of all talents, Milo can be found working harder than any other Bizelo team member. When he's not chasing mice around the office, he is developing small business apps and networking with leading industry professionals.

Join our Team!

If you want to help us solve problems and be part of the magic that happens here on a daily basis, drop us an email at magic (at) to be part of the magic.