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We have been looking for a inventory management solution for a while. The main focus was to connect 4 stores and create shared and pooled inventory that can be easily managed. The Bizelo team, and especially Ron, have provided us with excellent service by login in to our account to get work done!
Property Of...

After searching through a long list of developers and reaching out to countless companies for our Integration/Automation needs, Only BIZELO was able to understand and actually help us, far above our expectations! I thoroughly enjoy working with them and recommend anyone with any Shopify needs to contact them.
John, Kamali Kulture

I can only say that this app is excellent. We are using it to link two of our stores inventory, and it works smoothly. We had some help from Ron from their support team getting everything set up correctly, and when that was done we are really enjoying using this app. Great now that Shopify does not really support multi store setup.
Steen, Endomondo Store

Great Customer Service!! They were so helpful & extremely quick to answer any questions during our setup!
Bridget, Bani Bands Headbands

The support from Ron in particular is superb. I have come across various problems as i plough through a complex set-up. With the continued support we have now managed to sync 3 stores and my stock managent system is working well.

I am a client like any other but as I see from other reviews the Bizelo team manages to give outstanding costumer service to every costumer, very impressive. They software does what is supposed to, and helps you manage your stock across different stores. Plus they are going to develop some exiting new features to forecast stock, that I am anxiously waiting for.
Tweety Beauty

Bizelo is what I call customer service, and they go above and beyond! The fact that they knew my name and company from my voice was quite impressive! Thank you for your patience and consistent help, theres nothing worse than trying to get answers and having to wait so long between emails- NOT BIZELO! I am excited to use Bizelo to help with the growth of my company! Thank you so much everyone at Bizelo!
OTG3 cleanse

We really needed a solution for tracking inventories for items we sell here on ETSY. With over 5000 items, things were getting a little crazy down here in our Beadcave! And Bizelo has been our answer! Not only was it simple to set up but it’s easy to use and gets the job done. Plus, since it is linked to ETSY, it pulls all our item information right into the program! It has made tracking stuff so much easier. Even customer service has been great. On any occasion were we had to contact customer service, they were quick to respond and always pleasant to deal with...They really have been great, and we felt they needed a little attention! So, if your looking for an easy solution to tracking inventory… try Bizelo.
Beth Carpenter, Yummytreasures

We've been using Bizelo app for the last 6 months to manage our 3 stores' inventory and we're more than happy. It does everything we wanted, even more, and made our life much easier. Above all, the service is great, always here for us when we don't get something and really concerned about us. They also helped me set up everything. I would really recommend it to anyone looking for a good inventory management app.
Thomas, Bento&co

Bizelo is a fantastic app that puts a very user-friendly interface on our inventory management tasks. Keeping track of inventory including receiving low inventory notifications is exactly what we needed. We now spend more time proactively analyzing our data than keeping track of counts. Customer support is absolutely first class, and response times are impressive. Ron and his team do everything in their power to resolve any issues that arise. Keep up the great work Bizelo!
David, Keyport

Bizelo is just the app I was looking for to manage our inventory like a pro. With our multiple warehouses, Bizelo allows us to keep track of our inventory in various locations, connecting real-time with our orders in Shopfiy. Its features are clean, fast and let us do what we need without dealing with complex installations. It also integrates directly with FedEx which allows us to print our order labels directly from the app. Great, sincere, fast customer service is a plus. A must-have app if you're serious about keeping a solid web-based inventory system.
Diego, Cables & Sensors

I love this app...it does exactly what I was looking for. I currently have some items on hand and others which are provided through my dropshipper. My dropshipper gives me an updated csv file and xml file everyday to update my inventory. Bizelo allows me to easily upload those files and instantly update all of my inventory. Furthermore, it will automatically update those numbers in Shopify so that I won't see items that are out of stock.
Amber, Just Fashow

I have been using Bizelo eRetail for the last couple of weeks and I must say it has really helped me manage my inventory. I currently operate 6 identical shopify stores - each store has a different currency, but the items are the same. The system keeps track of the inventory levels on the shopify stores and automatically syncs the inventory across all stores every time a new order is made. Works perfectly. I have been looking for a system that could do this for a while, and I am happy I finally found it. The communication between the creators behind Bizelo eRetail and me has been amazing and they have helped me set up everything. To sum up... I can easily recommend Bizelo eRetail IPS to anyone looking for an easy-to-use inventory management system.
Adam, Forrest & Bob

Bizelo In the News

MO.com’s Top 10 Digital Entrepreneurs

Nov. 21, 2012

Running Your Small Business on Spreadsheets? Bizelo Has a Solution

Oct. 24, 2012

Even in 2012, some businesses are using Excel spreadsheets to do everything from manage inventory to supply tracking. But while Microsoft Excel is a great product, it has its limitations. Small business app specialist provider Bizelo has a solution.

Bizelo assembles cloud app collection for small businesses

Oct. 22, 2012

Cloud software startup Bizelo is hoping to reconcile the tendency of small businesses to invest in compact best-of-breed software applications with their desire to consolidate purchasing.

Bizelo Founder Ron Schmelzer Praises Bootstrapping Trial And Error

Oct. 16, 2012

I love thinking of things in completely original and untested ways. Many times these new methods or ideas don’t work out… but sometimes they do.” Yes, sometimes they do, and sometimes KillerStartups is fortunate enough to chat with an entrepreneur like Ron Schmelzer whose generosity, adventurousness, and enthusiasm add an extra charge to the already electric air.

Bizelo: Customizable Apps Built for Small Businesses

Oct. 10, 2012

Many small businesses use spreadsheets for everyday tasks like inventory management and accounting. Most know that this may not be the most efficient method, but software built specifically with these tasks in mind is often geared toward larger companies, and has the price tag to match.

Inventory management software – Bizelo.com

Oct. 09, 2012

As your business grows so will your daily to-do list. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, let me introduce you to Bizelo.com inventory management software. Inventory management software tracks your out-going sales against your in-house stock to keep you up to date on the state of your inventory.

Bizelo: software dev shop from Ron Schmelzer releasing 2 new apps, seeking $750K in seed funding

Aug. 28, 2012

Organizing monthly TechBreakfasts (in Baltimore, Columbia and Washington, D.C.) is not the only thing Ron Schmelzer does. Schmelzer is also the founder and CEO of Bizelo, a software development company that produces apps for small business, which he founded in 2010. In October, Bizelo is releasing...

Bizelo Releases New Software For Small Businesses

Aug. 21, 2012

Baltimore software company Bizelo is coming out this fall with two new applications designed to help retailers and other small business owners manage their inventory, sales, exchanges and returns. CEO Ronald Schmelzer says the goal is to help small business-owners manage their companies better and at a lower cost than other available products.

Baltimore-area startups crowdsource for funding

Aug. 17, 2012

When Ronald Schmelzer and a group of his MIT pals raised $27 million in a single round of venture capital fundraising for their startup, it hardly made news in Boston. That was the 1990s, when computer technology erupted, and venture capitalists couldn’t get enough of the small companies they anticipated would go public in months. As Schmelzer puts it, “The money was almost falling from the ceiling.”

Bizelo centralized inventory add-on for Vend

Aug. 03, 2012

It’s a competitive world. Retailers aren’t just selling to the customers who walk into their brick and mortar shop anymore. They’re also reaching new markets through multiple online channels, on services like Shopify, Magento, Ebay, and Etsy (to name a few). It can get messy… but it doesn’t have to.

The Mother of Invention

Aug. 01, 2012

We all have ideas about products or services that would make our everyday lives easier, happier or quite simply less annoying. What happens when you take that idea - that obnoxious task, that need for simplicity - and put it into action?

Webinar: Increase Your 3dCart Experience With Bizelo's Inventory Management App

Jul. 20, 2012

Searching for a web based inventory management solution without the overpriced complexity and steep learning curve? The Bizelo eRetail Inventory Management App is the answer! Inventory management is a...

Columbia TechBreakfast location, sponsors announced

Jul. 12, 2012

As we reported last week, Bizelo co-founder and TechBreakfast organizer Ron Schmelzer had been seeking to expand the originally Baltimore-based TechBreakfast to other cities, including Columbia and Washington, D.C. The Columbia breakfast will be held in the Charles Ecker Business Training Center at Howard Community College.

Google brings Get Your Business Online to Maryland among supporters and skeptics

Jul. 11, 2012

Some local technologists, however, see it differently. “How could they not realize they are giving Google and Intuit free access to all those small businesses with the state’s blessing and their power of endorsement?” says Ron Schmelzer, co-founder of the Baltimore-based Bizelo, which designs a suite of apps specifically for small business websites.

Baltimore Tech Breakfast organizer Ron Schmelzer to expand to Columbia, plans for more

Jul. 03, 2012

The organizer of Baltimore Tech Breakfast, the popular monthly morning local startup demo affair, has expansion plans. The latest Baltimore installment last week drew more than 150 to its latest location " the DLA Piper building in the Mt. Washington Conference Center " and served as a fine example for why local organizer and Bizelo CEO Ron Schmelzer is planning on launching a new tech breakfast in Columbia, starting Aug. 16.

3dcart Merchants Can Sync Administrative Data from Other Sales Channels with Bizelo

Jun. 28, 2012

Bizelo is now part of 3dcart’s suite of partners. With Bizelo, 3dcart merchants have access to a strong option for centralizing inventory, supply and returns management between multiple online stores. The application saves time spent manually updating data and decreases the chance of accounting errors. Bizelo pulls in disparate streams of data, running them through a central hub and sending them back out to sync inventory, supply, returns and accounting information in real-time. For 3dcart merchants managing storefronts on other software platforms (like eBay or Amazon), the tool simplifies how sales channels are managed.

Central Hub Envisioned to Unify and Mend "Fractured" Baltimore Innovation Community

May. 17, 2012

On the prospect of such a hub being created, Ron Schmelzer, CEO of Bizelo and co-organizer of the popular Tech Breakfast, said: "A physical hub, even a virtual one, that applies not only physical resources, but also capital, support services, money, and attracts investment, outside resources, media attention, and local investment, and seeks to continue a virtuous cycle where successful entrepreneurs are motivated to continue to re-invest in the scene will go a long way to helping Baltimore build a self-sustaining ecosystem. However, a single hub is not enough - this region, city, state, and the local communities and counties need to do a better job attracting and retaining talent and resources so that people consider this the best place to fulfill their visions, whether they are just starting off with a startup or are a seasoned entrepreneur."

The Baltimore Startup Scene: Bizelo Founder Ron Schmelzer Shares Insights

May. 05, 2012

Now onto his seventh year in the area, Schmelzer has founded his third Baltimore-based startup, Bizelo, a full-service, online, small-business solutions startup. One the companies featured at the Baltimore Tech Cocktail Mixer, Bizelo represented a strong class of local tech startups. To learn more about the Baltimore startup ecosystem, I asked Schmelzer to share his insights on the area's biggest advantages and disadvantages, as well as any advice for other entrepreneurs starting up in the region.

Bizelo featured in TechCocktail Showcase

Apr. 30, 2012

Bizelo -- A growing collection of awesome small biz apps that work simply and simply work -- all for under $30 a month.

NPR - WYPR - Midday with Dan Rodricks

Mar. 29, 2012

Ronald Schmelzer is interviewed on Bizelo and the state of entrepreneurship in Maryland by Dan Rodricks of WYPR's Midday with Dan Rodricks on NPR.

Bizelo Increases the Shopify Experience

Mar. 07, 2012

Bizelo is a great new inventory tracking tool/app that can make your life much easier if you run an online company that requires inventory management on a daily basis. Here at 36creative we consider this solution for Shopify sites we develop in order to provide a seamless inventory process.

Feb. 22, 2012TechCrunch

Online social networking spills over into real word

Jan. 30, 2012

He was offering his advice as a veteran entrepreneur, but he was also pitching his business, Bizelo, which sells hundreds of Web-based business software applications for a monthly fee. "From a technical perspective, we're building services that can be combined in a thousand different ways," Schmelzer told the group. When he was done, Schmelzer was peppered with questions and comments. How would you handle software updates with so many different applications? What's your best-selling application so far? Are you pricing and bundling the software into packages? Schmelzer gamely fielded them all.

Featured App Bizelo eRetail Centralized Inventory Management (Shopify Blog)

Jan. 26, 2012

Bizelo eRetail Centralized Inventory Management (or CIM for short) is an app that helps you get on top of all this work. With it, it's a lot simpler to stay informed about your inventory, know when you're low on stock and what your packing costs are and pack, label and ship orders. It's available in the Shopify App Store right now.

Handmade Code: Bizelo (Etsy Blog)

Jan. 20, 2012

The Bizelo Centralized Inventory Management (CIM) app is specially built for Etsy sellers to manage their Etsy inventory. It pulls all Etsy listings into a central inventory dashboard as well as all recent orders. The system keeps track of both what's available in your online Etsy shop as well as what you have in your warehouse, and automatically replenishes inventory from your available or on-hand stock when your items sell. The system also allows you to create kits and bundles of items as well as import and replenish your stock in bulk.

Bizelo -- an App Store for Small Businesses

Dec. 02, 2011

As a professional software consultant I can vouch for the fact that most small businesses that are using software to manage their stores are doing so with a side of Tylenol. The big players in the space like Intuit and Microsoft have all but cornered the market and because of this, are less concerned with user experience and more interested in user acquisition. This opens up a lot of opportunity for innovation. Enter Bizelo.

Editor's Eye on Baltimore: Why Failure is Good - A Conversation with Ron Schmelzer, CEO of Bizelo

Oct. 06, 2011

Ron Schmelzer rocked Ignite the other week, showing all in attendance how cool failure can be. Basically, if you don't know how to fail, you're never going to know how to succeed. So I sat down recently with Ron to sort through how to fail the right way...